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Small Round Cuff with Detachable Cauliflower Studs

From £95.00

Product ID: 5520694343

Stud earrings, decorated with the random bobbled texture of cauliflowers, surrounded by a detachable cuff that looks appealing in a contrasting metal.

Designer's notes: Despite their name, my cauliflower earrings weren’t inspired by their namesake from the brassica family. I’m obsessed with bobbly things so their form came about by melting tiny balls of sterling silver onto a central form. I wanted to create something that was simultaneously random yet balanced. 

Cuffs - h 12mm x w 12mm x d 3.5mm
Studs - h 5mm x w 5mm x d 4mm

Metal: Available in combinations of silver, oxidised silver and gold plated silver

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