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Care & Cleaning of Jewellery

Scratches and knocks from everyday wear will show on any metal. Generally, all jewellery should be regularly washed in warm soapy water. The finish on all metals will change with wear, a matt finish becomes more shiny and a highly polished finish becomes dull. This change is particularly noticeable on rings because they are more likely to be knocked, rubbed and touched.

Silver & Gold Jewellery

Silver jewellery is particularly susceptible to oxidisation and this is also more noticeable on matt finishes. DO NOT dip any silver jewellery that has an oxidised (black) finish, as the dip will strip away the desired finish and the piece will have to be completely re-done.

Unoxidised silver jewellery can be cleaned in a silver dip BUT it is very important to wash the jewellery afterwards in warm soapy water (Fairy Liquid is good) with a soft toothbrush so, any residue from the dip is washed off, as it will make the silver tarnish quicker.

Only white/un-oxidised silver, gold or gold plated jewellery can be dipped.

Matt Finish

Matt jewellery can be cleaned with warm soapy water and lightly brushed with a green kitchen scourer. It should not be polished after dipping.

Highly Polished Finish

Highly polished smooth silver jewellery can be rubbed over with a silver cloth.

Gold Plated

Special care needs to be taken with gold plated jewellery, only leave it in the dip for a short time and do not rub it.

Occasionally some people react to silver jewellery causing it to turn it black. The cleaning methods described above will clean jewellery that has blackened in this way, but often the only alternative is to avoid wearing silver jewellery.

Restoration and Cleaning of Jewellery

Catherine is always happy to restore the original finish. (Registered postage is charged).