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I was commissioned to make two bespoke necklaces for the film Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was released in 2018. My Silver Cup earrings were also chosen to be worn in the film.

My commissions include:

  • Gold plated sterling silver collar necklace worn by Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke)
  • Sterling silver necklace worn by Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke)
  • Sterling silver cup earrings worn by Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) add link to here

Silver Cup Earrings

I’ve always loved the shapes and workmanship of Eastern warrior helmets and when I visited that part of the world I became fascinated by the wonderful Buddha hats, which I would hunt down when I visited temples. It was Eastern warrior helmets and Buddha hats that inspired my Silver Cup earrings, which were worn by Qi’ra, portrayed by Emilia Clarke, in the 2018 Star Wars film, Solo.

Emilia Clarke, Qi’ra’s Necklaces for Solo: A Star Wars Story

I was commissioned to make two necklaces for Emilia Clarke’s character in the Star Wars Solo film – a gold plated arc and a sterling silver bar pendant she wore with my silver cup earrings.

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