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"Sensual and tactile"

"Her Jewellery moves with it’s wearer, adding liveliness and light to the days on which it is worn; it is by the makers intention, sensual and tactile, caressing the wearer and inviting interaction; it is very much of it’s time but echoes of the past are sustained by the makers attention to form and surface.”
Wendy Ramshaw OBE, 2009

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“It’s a dark and magical den that is like stepping into Diagon Alley”

Daily Telegraph

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“Catherine’s jewellery is distinctive, striking, usual and individual..."

"In the best tradition of artist-jewellers her pieces are enticing, original and good looking from a distance and enjoyable to touch and wear.”
Mary La Trobe Bateman, OBE MDES RCA.

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Award winning film & tv jeweller

Catherine is an international award winning designer and maker of the jewellery for the Harry Potter films.
All film images © Warner Bros. Studios

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‘Rice Pearl Twin Set’ Necklace

9ct yellow gold

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Catherine Hills Jewellery

‘Some gems shouldn’t be hidden’...

...discover Catherine Hills Jewellery. Beautiful jewellery with a strong identity, that is tactile, sensuous and undoubtedly feminine.

Walk into a shop bursting with history and exquisite craftsmanship. This alluring Atelier and boutique, nestled in the corner of, The Pantiles is impeccably styled. Inside, the cabinets are filled with diverse collections that exude individuality and while browsing, you can watch Catherine craft flawless and distinctive pieces.

Handpicked as the jeweller for the Harry Potter films, inside you can imagine being transported into Diagon Alley, with it’s magical and mystical feel, brimming with intrigue and wonder...

About Catherine
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Atelier & Shop

Step inside Catherine Hills Jewellery in the picturesque, Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells and experience a theatre of exquisite design. This charming atelier and shop marries old with new and it’s prolific use of mahogany fittings give the look and feel of a victorian workshop.

Taking centre stage is Catherine, crafting her new season’s creations. “I wanted my atelier and shop to be a place where people are drawn in by their curiosity, an enticing place to come and explore. A space that fascinates because everywhere you look there is something quirky, or beautiful. I wanted people to reconsider their perception of the jewellery shop. I have, I hope, created a different, unconventional and unique space.”

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Every piece is handcrafted by Catherine with the help of her small team
"My engagement ring is so perfect... I don't need a wedding ring! It is the most precious object I own."

Sara Barker, Essex

Crafted by Catherine

Catherine offers a beautifully bespoke and individual service to her customers, wherever they are. She enjoys working to specific design and budget requirements from her alluring Atelier in Tunbridge Wells.

She is passionate about delivering her clients an unrivalled service. She is an earnest listener and with over twenty years of experience, Catherine can advise on; metals, stones, finishes and textures and can remodel and repair existing pieces. Whether you are looking for a one off commission for a memorable birthday, christmas present, christening gift, wedding or engagement ring... discover Catherine Hills Jewellery.

Catherine will craft an innovative response to her customers brief. She is open to all commissions and manages to bring her own identity to every piece she works on.

Commissions usually take six to eight weeks, however if you have a shorter deadline please don’t hesitate to contact Catherine direct and she will do her best to meet it.