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Goldsmiths' Fair 2020

Published on Thursday 24 September 2020

Goldsmiths' Fair 2020

The annual Goldsmiths’ Fair is a highlight in my calendar. Organised by the Goldsmith’s Company, it’s held in the stunningly sumptuous Goldsmiths’ Hall in the City of London – a real red-carpet venue, with marble statues lining the grand staircase and a hall with marble columns and gold-framed portraits. I don’t exhibit every year but when I do, I love the opportunity to meet other jewellers, along with customers, and see what the latest graduates are up to. It’s always a challenge to make pieces that do the setting justice!

This year, sadly, the event has had to move online, so we can’t meet in person. But I’ve made a film that describes the processes, inspirations and highlights of my work so you and the online visitors can see what I’ve been up to. I hope you enjoy it.

And here is a private view of the pieces I’m showing at this year’s fair.

Sapphire Owl Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Goldmsiths Collection 2020 - Sapphire Owl Ring

This ring was inspired by Draco’s Eagle Owl from the Harry Potter series, with wonderful orange sapphires for the mesmerising eyes that make this bird look almost human.

Cat’s Eye Octopus Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Goldmsiths Collection 2020 - Cat's Eye Octopus Ring

Set with a Cat’s Eye Tourmaline that gives off a reflection like the slit eye of a cat, my Octopus Ring pays tribute to the octopus and the way it changes its body shape to squeeze through tiny gaps.

Garnet Baroque Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery Goldmsiths Collection 2020 - Garnet Baroque Necklace

My Baroque Necklace includes Cabochon marquise cut garnets, this necklace drew inspiration from the fascinating intricacy and theatricality of Tudor lace ruffs and collars.

Aster Pendant Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery Goldmsiths Collection 2020 - Aster Pendant Necklace

With the bobbled aster head surrounded by long, elegant petals, my Aster Pendant Necklace has a wonderful sense of movement and is almost irresistible to touch.

Diamond and Topaz Urchin Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery Goldsmiths Collection 2020 - Diamond and Topaz Urchin Necklace

Set with 44 stones – a mix of diamonds and topaz – this limited edition Urchin Necklace allowed me to indulge my dot and spot obsession using the sea urchin as inspiration.

Diamond Axolotl Cuff

Catherine Hills Jewellery Goldmsiths Collection 2020 - Diamond Axolotl Cuff

My Diamond Axolotl Cuff is studded with seven glistening diamonds and using my signature bobble texture. This all-time favourite piece draws its tapered form from the axolotl, a curious amphibian with bright, intelligent eyes.

Baroque Cuff Bracelet

Catherine Hills Jewellery Goldmsiths Collection 2020 - Baroque Cuff Bracelet

Although its inspiration was ornate baroque lace, I wanted my Baroque Cuff Bracelet to have a contemporary look that would dress up an outfit or work for everyday wear.

Aquamarine Turtle Shell Earrings

Catherine Hills Jewellery Goldmsiths Collection 2020 - Aquamarine Turtle Shell Earrings

Set with a pair of aquamarines, these large, articulated Turtle Shell Earrings draw inspiration from turtles, shells and the dappled appearance of pebbles in water.

You can register for Goldsmiths' Fair 2020 here and find out more about my own collection for the fair here.


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