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July Ruby Birthstone Pollen Cluster Pendant


Product ID: 1379896492115

Designer’s notes
The birthstone for July, the Ruby represents love, passion and protection. Wearing a Ruby is believed to boost your vitality and make you think more clearly while in folklore owning a Ruby is said to bring harmony and peace to relationships, with its wearer protected from danger. Known as the ‘queen of gems’, the Ruby is prized for its glorious red hue, which varies from deep red to rose.

A cluster of five Silver and Oxidised Silver Pollen Charms three set with Ruby gemstones on a delicate Silver trace chain.
The largest Gemstone Pollen Charm is set with a 3.5mm Ruby. The Gemstone Swirling Sepal and Segmented Stigma Charms are set with 3mm and 2.5mm Rubies. The other two Charms are a Striped Style and Spotted Anther.

Wear it with
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