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October Pink Tourmaline Birthstone Ball and Chain Pendant Necklace

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Designer’s notes
October’s birthstone is Tourmaline and you can choose from three different shades of Tourmaline in my birthstone jewellery collection – pink, green and blue. The Pink Tourmaline is a rose petal mid-toned pink. Pink Tourmaline is connected to the heart chakra and is thought to encourage love, compassion and gentleness.

Each of my Ball and Chain birthstone pendants is bejewelled with treasure – a glistening Pink Tourmaline on the base of its spherical bobbled charm which sparkles as the pendant moves. It has a second small teardrop shaped charm that sits beautifully below the nape of the neck and the graceful trace chain can be worn at two different lengths.

Pendant - h 17mm x w 10mm x d 10mm.
Trace chain (worn short) - l 430mm x w 1.5mm x 2.2mm
Trace chain (worn long)  - l 530mm x w 1.5mm x 2.2mm

Metal: Available in Silver, Oxidised Silver and Gold Plated Silver

Wear it with
A pair of Pink Tourmaline Satsuma Birthstone Stud earrings.