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Copy of April Diamond Birthstone Ball and Chain Pendant Necklace

From £385.00

Product ID: 4413237231699

Designer’s notes
A Ball & Chain pendant in April’s birthstone diamond. This design is one of my best-sellers as it’s easy to wear everyday and makes a memorable gift. The first engagement ring adorned with a diamond is believed to date back to 1477 and was given by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy. Wearing a diamond is believed to help bring you peace and protect you from negative energies.

Size and fit

Dimensions (pendant) h 17mm x w 10mm x d 10mm.

Trace chain

(worn short) l 430mm x w 1.5mm x 2.2 mm

(worn long) l 530mm x w 1.5mm x 2.2mm

Metal Choice of Silver, Oxidised Silver and Gold Plated Silver

Fastening Bolt Ring

Wear it with
Satsuma Studs set with tiny glistening diamonds.