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October Green Tourmaline Birthstone Pollen Charm Necklace


Product ID: 1401352945747

Designer’s notes
October’s birthstone, the Tourmaline, was used in ancient times by magicians to protect themselves from demons. Today, it is believed to help guard against environmental pollution and to promote healing. Green Tourmalines were discovered off the west coast of Italy around 1700 but were thought to be Emeralds for about a century until scientists discovered their particular mineral properties. I have chosen a beautiful shade of green for my Pollen Cluster Necklace from the stone’s rainbow of colours.

Wear it with
I love the way this necklace looks with a coordinating Green Tourmaline Pollen Stacking Ring.





A cluster of five Oxidised Silver and Gold plated Silver Pollen Charms three set with three green Tourmaline gemstones on a delicate Gold plated Silver trace chain.

The largest Oxidised Silver Gemstone Pollen Charm is set with a 3.5mm green Tourmaline with Gold plated Silver Gemstone Swirling Sepal and Segmented Stigma Charms set with a 2.5mm green Tourmalines. The other two Charms are Gold plated Silver Striped Style and Oxidised Silver Spotted Anther.