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April Cubic Zircona Birthstone 5 Pollen Charm Necklace

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A dainty pendant featuring a cluster of five delicate gold plated silver and oxidised silver pollen charms on a fine trace gold plated silver chain, including three set with April's birthstone Cubic Zirconia.

Designer’s notes
The birthstone for April, Cubic Zirconia – a cubic crystalline stone with a similar appearance to a Diamond – represents love, courage and commitment. Clear stones like these are believed to help bring you peace and to protect you from negative energies, while in folklore a dream in which in which you are wearing them indicates that you will receive good financial advice.

The largest Gold plated Silver Gemstone Pollen Charm is set with a 3.5mm Cubic Zirconia. It is matched with an Oxidised Silver Gemstone Swirling Sepal and Segmented Stigma Charms each set with a 2.5mm white Cubic Zirconia. The other two Gold plated Silver Charms are Striped Style and Spotted Anther.

Total pendant - l 18mm x  w 23 mm x d 4.5mm
Chain length - 430mm
Largest charm spotted anther - l 18mm x w 4mm
Smallest charm swirling sepal - l 11mm x w 6mm

Metal: Available in combinations of silver, oxidised silver and yellow gold plated silver

Wear it with
Choose between my matching Bobbled Pollen Stud Earrings or Satsuma Stud Earrings set with eye catching Zirconia