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April Cubic Zircona Bobbled Pollen Stud Earrings

From £150.00

Product ID: 1313915961427

Designer’s notes
There’s something so elegant and chic about a pair of crystal stud earrings – they make an outfit, no matter how casual, feel complete. The Cubic Zirconia I’ve used for these Birthstone Pollen stud earrings are crystal clear, and almost impossible to distinguish from Diamonds. Along with Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia are April’s birthstone. The glistening Cubic Zirconia are set into a circular stud which is finished with my signature bobbled texture.

Dimensions: h 9.5mm x w 9.5mm  x d 4.5mm with 3.5mm Cubic Zirconia

Metal: Available in Silver, Oxidised Silver and Gold Plated Silver.

Wear it with
A Birthstone Ball & Chain pendant with a matching glistening Cubic Zirconia.